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or not president obama lied to the american owe. >> in order to bare false explicitly that what his benefit the speaker for a reason. dr. cac correctly pointed to the benghazi deception as a lie. you remember the obama put out ambassador susan rice to tell the world the might have been killed by spontaneous. the administration knew otherwise. but we don't know, we don't know if president obama directly ordered ordered that deceit. we do know he did nothing to correct it we also know that mr. obama said this. >> actually, any insurance that you currently have would be grandfathered in so you could keep. and so you could decide could not get exchange the better plan. >> as it turns out, millions of americans will not be allowed to keep their health insurance plan was the president misinformed the "the washington post" wrote his assertions were completely not true. both papers did not use the word lie. porpoise to news agencies. lodging accusations. did the president mislead the country absolutely no, question about it, did he know he was misleading it? maybe. most likely. did he lie? i have p
on -- obama care a great program that will benefit the vast majority of americans. he did not address the lie thing straight on, but indicated that his descriptions of the benefits of the program, kate, were accurate, all right. that it is, once it gets all sorted out, going to be a panacea on the healthcare front. and you say? >> well, i was shocked, frankly, that the president, after we heard dozens of letters on the hill today, the congressionals were asking sebelius questions, we heard all these letters from constituents about how their rates are skyrocketing and, yet, the president is sticking with the line that their rates are going to be lower. their premiums are going to be lower. he is digging. in and on the question about whether you are going to lose your insurance. i thought he dug. in he almost the president went out there and said you can keep your insurance policy even though in 2010 the regulations made it clear that 40 to 62% of people with -- who were self-insured were going it lose. >> did he read that? i doubt it. >> the president understands the plan and he knows that in
with this troubled website. what about obama care, how do americans feel about it? 37% say it's a good idea, but more now, 47%, think it's a bad idea. republicans also taking a hit. their positive ratings for the party now at 22%. so bad news for republicans, bad news for the white house in this poll. >> all right. tracie potts, thanks so much. >>> now to the latest in sports from my friend richard lui. good morning. >> good morning. 76ers favorite allen iverson has formally announced his retirement. >> i'm going to always be a 6er until i die. i'm always going to be a boomer up i die. sglefs draft >> he was drafted in 1996. when he stopped playing in 2010, the game average over 26 points. the young 6ers team was led by michael carter williams and this powered up, heat come back with a steal. pass roger mason jr.. in the he said, 6ers upset the heat. remodeled brooklyn nets, at the end back to back triples. game tied 82 all. but the cavs take it 98-94. who doesn't like a monster alley-oop? do you like one, marra? >> sure, if you say so. . >> there you go. just like wilt used to do it. >> who? >> yeah
of developing problems and questions about obama care. now, as you know, americans are still furious at the broken promises and costly surprises of insurance plan cancelations. plus, the obama care computer breakdown continues. and health secretary kathleen sebelius still refuses to come clean about the inside causes and costs of the fiasco. all right. first, tonight, we now know that the obama administration is muzzling insurance companies, telling them to keep quiet about all the canceled policies and increased premiums. also, more democrats are starting to push back against the law. including senator mary landrieu who was working on a bill to allow americans to really keep their own health plans. and congressman darrell issa has subpoenaed secretary sebelius for the information regarding the botched launch she so far declined to hand over voluntarily. all right. all those stories and more. on "the kudlow report" starting right now. this is just unbelievable. all right. now, we've got all this developing news here to analyze the whole story. we bring in bob lashevski
are skeptical. president obama promised americans who liked their insurance could keep it. it's not always the case. she received a letter from her current insurance provider telling her under the new law she'll have to sign up for different coverage costing hundreds per month. >> where is the money for that? >> how much would it be a month for you? >> it's $317 per month. >> she plans to appeal her rejection for government subsidised health coverage. given the problems with the website, she fears it could take months to sort out her claim, leaving her potentially uninsured and frustrated. >> now, former massachusetts gf nor and presidential candidate mitt romney took to facebook to criticise president obama's roll out saying: and he said: >> a former health care advisor to mitt romney, and a senior fellow at the manhattan institute - he was at the hearing on capitol hill and is back to new york tonight. thank you for being here. i assume you agree with your friend mitt romney. >> i do. that is something that has been misunderstood by a lot of people that a state-based solution is differen
obama care is on display and the american people are troubled. >> joe, just to be clear, krauthammer is not saying it is president obama's legacy. this would make people turn away from the american liberalism because it proves big government doesn't work. is he overstating it? >> i don't think he is in the sense of health care. democrats are trying to get health care since harry trumman called for it 70 years ago. so, if it does self destruct, there is no doubt it will set back a key liberal cause i am sure for a decade but it will impact. on the other hand, it works the opposite way, too if it works, the republicans will be on the wrong side of history like they were on medicare and other programs that they opposed and became so popular that the american people would not let it go. >> and the issue here, matt take it any direction you choose, all of the democrats voted for it. none of the republicans did. and so who were the forces that unite on the right? or right of center or a round the conservative side in opposition? or perhaps in stronger doubt than before based on what they w
of yahoo! and google. a new blow to barack obama's signature health-care reform after the troubled rollout of the website, announcing some americans already insured could lose the policies they have. and french football players threatened to go on strike over plans for a new super tax on the richest people in france. let's aw at this hour, star with the latest leak from former nsa contractor edward snowden. says theington post" national security agency has been hacking be data links that connect google and yahoo! around the world. laways the agency skirt the by collecting data from millions of local web users via underwater fiber-optic cables. kate moody explains. >> world leaders, foreign citizens, and internet giants, the latest victims of the national security agency's surveillance programs according to intelligence linked by edward snowden. the nsa has admitted to the program to access internet user accounts but described new reports that infiltrated yahoo! and google databases as factually incorrect. breakings not an essay into any databases. it would be illegal for us to do that. --
to this quick. this will put bob in a better mood. take a look at this. americans on obama care overall eliminate 52%, bob, are dissatisfied with this and say it needs to be completely eliminated or overhauled. vaporize it. >> i'm surprised it's given that low. >> the disinformation we're spreading about this incredible achievement. >> put the poll up one more second. 6% people are satisfied. this is what they're doing. were they no better -- 94% don't think it's working well. >> that's carney and others that logged on. >> they're pushing for the single payer system that we all know it. i think they have said it. >> they should stop calling it single payer. it's government medicine. they're so good at this. >> if they can ever log on or get it to work. that's the problem. >> that's what sucks, social security is my money being taken. i don't want to do it. >> it was supposed to be an antipoverty program for the elderly. it's turned into more. >> say let them eat candy. >> i've never eat on this show. i'm eating chocolate. >> obama care got you down. >> greg, i don't want you to be cran
. it actually will allow president obama to keep that promise that he made to millions of americans. we can't protect them all. the only way we can honor that promise for every american is to repeal the healthcare law. but for millions of americans, they actually would be able to keep the healthcare plan that they actually like. we would give them that freedom that president obama and the healthcare law is taking away from millions of americans. >> two promises, one is that those plans a lot of people want to so-called keep they don't exist anymore. the insurance companies are just booth them out so you really can't have the plan that you want. >> they could reintroduce those easily. >> you can't enforce the insurance companies to offer them again. >> they certainly. would the mrkt place would certainly allow that part of the problem with the new plans have additional man datsz so their cost is being driven up which is the other promise in terms of lowering the -- bending the cost curve down. that also is a broken promise by this president. >> the other problem for some americans is i took
. >> almost 50 million americans lacked coverage before obama care. and it was fabulous? when you're desperate for the president to fail, you really will do and say anything. well, we're not going to fall for it or let them get away with it. joining me now is congressman jim mcdermott democrat from washington and msnbc contributor goldie taylor. thank you to both of you for joining me. >> thank you. >> good to be here. >> congressman, some republicans want to pretend coverage in america used to be fabulous. i mean, how do you deal with that? >> well, you know, al, it's really tough when they want to argue with their -- they make up their own facts. if you look at the numbers out of the world health organization or you look out of any set of numbers about where the united states ranks, we do not have the best health care system in the country. we have access to the best if you have money. if you have insurance. but if you don't have insurance, you don't have preventive care. you don't have anything until you're suddenly in the emergency room in a dire mess. and that's what america is really all
criticism of the law this week. president obama said if americans like their substandard plans they could have kept them, for those who have seen their plans disappear, president obama blames the insurance companies tor cancelling those policies, and encourages them to find better obamacare insurance. >> if you are getting one of these letters, just shop around in the new marketplace, that is what it's for. most people are going to be able to get better comprehensive health care plans for the same price or cheaper than projected. you issue going to get a better deal. >> reporter: republicans say that presidentiall lied when he selled proposal and americans largely cannot keep their bare-bones insurance plans. gerri: rich thank you. we appreciate your time. kathleen sebelius sat in front of the house panel for three and a half long hours today, joining me now, tom miller, author of why obamacare is wrong for america, you were in the hearing what did you make? >> i thought there was a lot less of the grandstanding you see. i was struck by the depth and scope and bredth of the problems of th
it. and neither are a lot of americans who need health care. >> and the troubled rollout of obama care and the recent government shutdown has hurt the president's standing. his approval rating is falling five points in less than three weeks to 42%. the lowest level of his presidency. obama's likability is dropping, only 41% now view him positively versus 45% that are negative. joef all, 70% of americans say the u.s. is headed on the wrong track. >>> and america is out with its semi anlul currency report. once again, the treasury stops short of labelling china a manipulator. it says the u.n. is still undervalued, but recent appreciation is for the economy. it says the country's dependance on exports is hurting economic stability in europe and the global economy. the treasury says germany should focus more on boosting domestic growth. >>> as for the agenda today, stateside weekly jobless claims are out at 8:30 eastern. 10:00 a.m., we get the october chicago pmi. conco philips and exxon mobil report before the opening bell. reporting earnings in europe, french based profits tumbling
of obama care. average americans are starting to feel the impact of a very flawed health plan. they are nervous about what it means for the future. >> they did not prepare. they only talked about the great things. they never talked about transitions that are difficult. president. even when you may think it's going to be great, you have to explain there will be changes. >> obama never focused on this the way it would be a signature issue. i talked about the signature. >> never when he wanted. this is the weirdest thing. this was -- do you know that the pledge for health care in the first term came from staff aids who said you better have something to say. we went ahead and made this pledge. >> he was never the health care guide. the primary with the first run for president, he was against the individual mandate. he bludgeoned hillary on that issue. i would turn back to the poll numbers. the numbers have not changed that much. it's even split on how they feel about it. obama's numbers have gone down because he hasn't been straight with people. now he is not willing to come forwa
, hearing other earns created this amazing graphics. 80% of americans will be completely unaffected by obama care. 3% will have no cuts, but 14% will be clear winners. no options for insurance in the past, and then there's about 3% that may be negatively impacted. now, wouldn't you say that a system that goes from 14% losers to 3% possible losers is at least an improvement? >> does that include folks with other fuss-time jobs? >> the "wall street journal" today med with the headlines say that no evidence. >>> we will argue about this right after this. >> just take a minute here. let me tell you about a trick that is not a treat. obama care has a marriage penalty built into it that could cost you as much as $11,000. we're going to visit the wedding tax, next. ♪ ♪ nothing says, "you're my #1 copilot," like a milk-bone biscuit. ♪ say it with milk-bone. we've always been on the forefront of innovation. when the world called for speed... ♪ ...when the world called for stealth... ♪ ...intelligence... endurance... affordability... adaptability... and when the world asked for the future. s
, thanks. that was a great story. appreciate it. >>> another day, another rude greeting for americans trying to learn more about obama care, until just a few minutes ago the government's website was still shut down by the technical problems that have plagued it since its launch one month ago tomorrow. and the administration says it could be another month before the website is running smoothly. and just in case you thought it might be a little easier logging on to the obama care website if you happen to be the president of the united states, you'd be wrong. this is what vice president joe biden told hln's christi paul. >> reporter: have you tried to get online yourself? >> actually the president tried to get online and my daughter tried to get online. i did not because it was clear that i wasn't getting online. >> christi paul joins us with more on what the vice president had to say. >> no matter what side of the political aisle you sit on you can count on joe biden to tell it like it is. there is respect and appreciation for that. when i asked him about the problems he flat out apolog
to the problems with the rollout of obama care. >> let me say directly to these americans, you deserve better. i'm accountable to you for fixing these problems. >> that apology wasn't enough for some members of congress. they pressed her as to why no one has been fired over problems with the website. she deflected saying she should be held responsible for the problems. when questioned about people losing their insurance plans, she said it was up to the insurance companies. >>> history tonight in boston as fans got to experience something that hasn't been done since babe ruth was wearing a red sox jersey. >> it hasn't happened at fenway park for 95 years. the red sox are world champions. >> red sox close out the cardinals with a 6-1 victory taking the world series in six games. fans poured into the streets to celebrate the third world championship. this one a little sweeter than previous titles. not only did they win at home, it comes a little after six months since the deadly bombings at the boston marathon. >>> google is keeping its secret. what we are uncovering about these mystery barges in
'm newt gingrich. join us >>> this is piers morgan live. taking the blame for the obama care website fiasco. secretary sebelius. >> let me say directly to these americans, you deserve better. i apologize. >> then her boss. >> there is no excuse for it. i take full responsibility for making sure it gets fixed asap. >> have you been online long? >> the president tried to get online and my daughter tried. i did not. it was clear i was not getting online. >> hardly surprising given the right with breaking news. live website is down again. what an absolute fiasco. what is up? will it be the cure we are hoping for? how his party handled obama care doing too much for the country. the dirty job search and what he told glen beck about college education. >> to start your life 80 grand in the hole with your art history major or mid-eastern studies and not finding work, that's why you have to -- >> for that, he is supposed to be the mad one. that's for starters and sets the record straight live on this very show. return to the great sinkhole, one of my favorite guests. we will beg
truliful. watch. >> president obama has a lot to lose. if he did indeed tell outright lies to the american people, if fact he could be imfeeched. if that were proved beyond a reasonable doubt. why would the president risk that? the key question in this tense debate. bill: let's debate at that now, doug schoen former advisor to president clinton. monica crowley radio talk show host. both are fox news contributors. morning to both of you. >> good morning, bill. bill: this is important stuff here. what o'reilly is saying did he misleaded country? absolutely. did he lie? possible but the evidence is not conclusive. monica, you believe it is. go. >> you have to take a look at this particular lie in a broader context, bill because we certainly now have a pattern of behavior from this president. the irs scandal, benghazi, "fast & furious," the obamacare website, the list goes on and on every single time when brought to his attention or at least breaks loose in the public sphere and becomes news, the excuse is, oh, it is the same. he just learned bit on television. he had no idea. we were told in
of americans saying obama care needs a major overhaul or should be totally eliminated. >> there will still be plenty of time for people to register. >> reporter: this even as the vice president issued an apology for the disastrous rollout of the website. >> we assumed that it was up and ready to run. >> reporter: it wasn't. >> we apologize for that. >> reporter: in an interview with cnn's sister network, hln, biden also revealed that president obama had tried to log on. >> the president tried to get online and my daughter tried to get online. i did not, because it was clear that i wasn't getting online. but it really is inexcusable. >> reporter: it isn't just obama care that's plaguing the president. the 16-day government shutdown marred all washington politicians, even before that obama's handling of syria seemed bumbling and now he's under pressure over reports the government spies on allies. the president's second term priorities, chief among them overhauling the nation's immigration system, appear in jeopardy. >> he's got himself in a pickle here. it does not mean he can
. >>> the former major of new jersey is now a senator. he is the first african american elected to the senate since barack obama. he will serve the remaining 14 months of the late frank laudenberg's term. "real money with ali velshi" is next. ♪ ♪ >> harvesting corn with the sun of warren buffet as congress debates farm subsidies and food subsidies. and a big treat, no trick for a town in new york that is cashing in on an old legend and a new tv show. i'm ali velshi. this is "real money." ♪ >>> this is "real money." you as always are the most important part of the show, so please join our conversation for the next half hour, use the handle at aj"real money" on twitter. so washington budget battles are heating up again. this week the renewal of a farm bill that expired on october 1st. what is more a temporary expansion to the food stamp program is get to expire tonight. every five years congress passes a new farm bill that sets limits. last year farmer subsy idyes in the united states totaled $14.9 billion. and the government paid out crop insurance totaling $15.8 billion. it guarantees farmers
disagree with that. i believe president obama was born in america, an american. i have seen the documentation. as far as, you know, charging him with not being a christian. i believe president obalm aulm at his word that he is a christian. this becomes a distraction. >> i have to jump in, i have to jump in. why are so many people still fixated on the president and the chronology and africa. he never lived there. why are people still stuck on this? >> well, as a half african who was born in africa, i have to say that i resent that obama gets all this credit for spending time in kenya, which he didn't. i disagree a lot of people who believe this. a fringe group of people who believe this and try to keep this story alive. i'm not sure pastor cruz believes president obama was born in kenya, but the remark was personal and inappropriate and i don't think he speaks for senator cruz. >> i want the two of you to stick around. this new poll we have to talk about. shows president obama's lowest approval rating since taking office. not too much better for republicans. we'll look at tha
>> pelley: good evening, for 31 days now, the obama administration has been telling us americans by the millions are visiting the the new health insurance web site despite all of its problems, but no one in the administration has been willing to tell us how many policy vbz purchased, and this may be the reason. cbs news has learned enrollments got off to an incredibly slow start. sharyl attkisson atained documents that haven't been seen by the public until now. early early enrollment figures are contained in notes from twice a day war room meetings from medicare and medicaid services after the web site failed on october 1. they were turned over in response to a document request from the house oversight commit pep the web site launched on tuesday. publicly, the government said there were 4.7 million unique visits in the first 24 hours. but at a meeting wednesday morning, the war room notes say 6 enrollments very occurred so far. they were with blue cross blue shield of north carol, caresource, and health care service corporation. by wednesday afternoons enrollments were up to appr
about the dinners we had with president obama, of americans could have been a fly in the wall they would have been heartened i those discussions and i hope they are heartened by this as well. i think there is a genuine interest in solving these problems. i think that is a good thing. i appreciate senator sessions pointed out i have a business background. and i do. i have learned a lot of lessons in business, and i have done a lot of negotiating. and the first thing i learned as a pretty good start to any negotiation -- spend a lot of time in the front end and figure out what you can agree on. we have that mentioned quite a bit. we talked about things what a great upgrade most of us agree, let's not shut down the government. i totally support senator portman's bill on that. let's talk about one big thing that i truly believe we all agree on. we share the same goal. i certainly want a prosperous america. i am concerned about every american. i want every american to have the opportunity to build a good life for themselves and their family. i think everybody around the table -- i think every
from his failures and deceits. it is clear that mandate or not, most americans are not buying what president obama is trying to sell. i'm lou dobbs. lou: good evening for a second straight day the president trying to divert media attention from the obamacare disaster. the president focused on international trade, pledging to attract more foreign investment into the united states as his failing healthcare law continues to not only frustrate millions of americans, but in some cases also injury them. those who are losing their healthcare plans because of obamacare. nearly all republican, and a growing number of democratic lawmakers, are now demanding either a delay of the individual mandate or an extension of the enroll am period. and -- enrollment period and the public is not pleased. the president is being pummeled in the latest polls, his job approval rating hit all-time low in newest "wall street journal" poll, just from% of americans a-- 42% of americans approving of his job performance compared to 51% disapproving. 2 two major polls with almost the same trend. gallup tracking po
sentiments as president obama. if americans could have been a fly on the wall, they could have seen what happened. it there is a great interest in solving these problems and i think that that is a good thing. as senator sessions point -- point out to us, i have done a lot of negotiating in the first thing i learned is a pretty good start any negotiation and spending a lot of time on the front end of negotiation to figure out what you agree on. we have had that mentioned around the table quite a bit and i think most of us agree on but it's not just the government. and so there is one thing that we all agree on, we share the same goal. and i certainly want to have the opportunity, every american have the opportunity to build a good life for their family. i think everyone here deserved that goal and i am the first to admit that we have wide disparity on achieving that goal and there is reasons for these discussions to try to deal and grapple with these enormous consequences. it's not helpful and it won't solve the problem. and the other thing that my business background brings to the table
to get a better deal. >> president obama in boston on wednesday addressing the concerns of americans who are now getting those cancellations from their medical insurancers. he stood where mitt romney signed the massachusetts health care law seven years ago, the president saying massachusetts also had bumped along the way but it eventually became a success. while responding to the mis, mitt romney went to facebook to attack the president's health care law, writing: >> president obama actually learned the lessons of health care in massachusetts, millions more would not see their prices skyrocket and it would not have been a frustrating embarrassment. romney's remarks attracted more than 11 million likes on the networking site. >> kathleen sebelius got her chance to explain what went wrong. the glitches were explained, she apologized, saying that the site would be made for user friendly. >> let me say directly to americans, you deserve better. i apologize. i'm accountable to you for fixing these problems. i'm committed to earning your confidence back. >> she assured the panel
.gov and americans losing their cheaper insurance plans despite president obama's thomas' approval ratings have hit an all-time low. 42% approve of his work. 51% disapprove and this is the first time in this paul more americans disapprove than approve. 22% said they had a positive view of the g.o.p., only 37% favor democrats. the democrats continue to defend obamacare and says he was not lying when he promised americans could keep their insurance if they liked it. president obama: anybody peddling the notion insurance is canceling the plan without mentioning all the insurers are encouraging people to join better plans with the same carrier and stronger benefits and stronger protections while others get better plans of new carriers through the marketplace, and that many will get new help to pay for the better plan and make them cheaper. if you leave that stuff out, you're being grossly misleading to say the least. rich: through analysis, the administration has knowledge to the health care law would lead the cancellation of these bare-bones cheaper plans despite the presidential promise. while some d
is the day each senator and house member having to make a big decision is obama care that's supposed to be good enough for you, the american people, good enough for capitol hill staffers. republican senator john cornyn joins us. nice to see you sir. >> good to see you, greta. >> your staff obama care or no obama care. >> unfortunately obama care as long as it's the law of the land. we had a vote in the last little kerfuffle over the last continuing resolution whether we would eliminate this staff carveout that treats them differently, better than the rest of the population. all democrats voted against it. all republicans voted for eliminating the carveout but it lost on a partisan vote. >> if a member of your staff goes into obama care in the district, is it the same that if i signed up for the same option? would i have the same or do they get a little extra money some place? >> they get the employer contributions for employer provided coverage. >> that they get anyway? >> that they get currently now under the federal plan. but, no other american gets that same contribution from empl
south, if obama care truly self-destructs, i don't know that it's certain, but i would say right now it is more than likely. i think it will set back american liberalism p for a decade at least. the reason is this. obama care is not just any piece of legislation. it's not like immigration. not like a tax hike. obama care is the core of the new expansion of the liberal idea. this is sort of the continuation of the new deal. the continuation of a great society. in a sense the way liberals portrayed it, it is the completion of the entitlement state. the one element that separated us from the rest of the advanced industrial countries saying we were the only one with people who were not covered. now we're going to enter into the realm of those who insure and protect everybody. if this collapses, this huge expansion of the entitlement state, this essential nationalization of one sixth of the u.s. economy, i think that discredits the entire enterprise of the expansion of government which is at the heart of obamaism. that's why liberals are running zar escared. not just one election. it's th
, they both live, not just in the land of political reality, but in the land where barack obama wins. he won the district in virginia where the congressman comes from. and they won the state of ohio. so they know that the american politics are diverse, ideologically, policy wise, generational. so they know, to be successful politicians have to operate within those confines, the people, ted cruz and others are self-selecting, self-segregating and coming up with this success that only relies on people who think like they do. >> howard, i'm not going to quit on this point. i like immigrants, especially people who come here legally and play by the rules. he did that. his father's from cuba. he just got here from canada. and yet he gets to dictate to everybody on the north, everybody's a minority. the blacks who were here for 400 years, at least a lot of them. are they americans? how do you get to dictate this stuff to america to your convenience. it's awesome. it's an awesome arrogance to talk like this, we americans. >> you don't get to dictate it, chris. and i think it's up to people within th
that have plagued the obama care website since october 1st. thousands of americans across the country have managed to enroll in affordable care and some have found they're saving quite a bit of money. 57-year-old gail from pittsburgh joins me live. we appreciate your willingness to share your story. explain what was your enrollment process like and people are talking about the time involved here. what was it like for you and the time commitment involved in getting properly signed up? >> there was a lot of time needed to do it, approximately an hour, but it was time well worth it. and the customer rep was very knowledgeable, very helpful. >> and i want to talk about the time well worth it because it boils down to money and the savings that you're able to have now with the comfort of knowing that you have a standard of health care. so you were able to save a huge amount. from what i understand your monthly premiums have gone from $509 a month to a $70 plan, plus additional tax credits because you qualified for both -- it brought your grand total down to a measly $1.11 some. >> yes, it did. >
. >>> later, aig ceo bob ben mmose will be here. what aig is doing differently through the obama care launch. back in a moment on "closing bell." stay with us. the american dream is of a better future, a confident retirement. those dreams, there's just no way we're going to let them die. ♪ like they helped millions of others. by listening. planning. working one on one. that's what ameriprise financial does. that's what they can do with you. that's how ameriprise puts more within reach. ♪ [ male announcer ] when we built the cadillac ats from the ground up to be the world's best sport sedan... ♪ ...people noticed. ♪ the cadillac ats -- 2013 north american car of the year. lease this cadillac ats for around $299 per month with premium care maintenance included. >>> you saw it live on cnbc yesterday. the president delivering the speech in boston. the backlash on obama care and rollout with the website problems. based on a new nbc news "wall street journal" poll he needs to sway public opinion on that issue. eamonjavers has details. >> we were looking ahead to this poll which we knew at
, the worst predictions about healthcare reform in massachusetts never came true. >> the obama administration has come under fire in recent days after hundreds of thousands of americans received cancelation notices from insurance companies because their individual health plans don't meet minimum standards set by the law. >> people like choices, and as i said, some people want to have chardonnay out of a piece of crystal stem wear and some people want a beer out of a red solo cup. >> they apologized for the botched web site. >> i'm as frustrated and angry as anyone with the flawed launch of now security issues are a concern, which could be worse than the technical issues americans have had on the site. >> we found out an end to end test hadn't been had on security, not functionality. >> mitt romney obtained the plan should not be used as a model for the country and this is crafted with bipartisan state. >> fox news. >>> the new head of the university of california system, janet napolitano. not everyone was happy about her visit. members of an emigrants right group are upset wit
my chest. no. ♪ what's in your wallet? you got any mustard in there? ♪ >>> well, president obama just wrapped up a speech preaching obama care in boston. he tried to do some damage control after an awful month of implementation. now, as we told you yesterday, millions of americans are being booted from their plans despite obama's repeated claim that that wouldn't happen. >> if you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health carry plan, period. if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. >> well, "the washington post" fact checker just gave that whopper four pinnochio, the highest rating, also known as a lie. but this isn't the first time the president hasn't been honest about what's in his legislation. remember this? >> that may be but it's still a tax increase. >> no, that's not true, george. for us to say that you've got to take a responsibility to get health insurance is absolutely not a tax increase. >> merriam webster's dictionary. tax. a charge usually of money imposed by authority on persons or property for public purposes. >> georg
% of americans approve of president obama's work, 51% disapproved. first time in this poll more americans disapprove and approve and you approve of either major party, 22% say a positive view of the gop, only 37% favor democrats. after a difficult government shutdowns stretch for republicans democrats are now facing opposition over the botched rollout of healthcare about god and americans losing their cheaper insurance plans despite the president's promises. some democrats are calling to delay a key piece of obamacare and with that senate aides say chief of staff dennis mcdonald dean shoes of fixing and marilyn catheter are meeting with senate democrats this afternoon. president obama continues defending his promise that americans can't keep their insurance. stuart: if you are getting one of these letters just shop around in the new marketplace. that is what it is for. because of the tax credit we are offering in the competition between insurers most people are going to be able to get better comprehensive health care plans for the same price or cheaper than projected. you a
not believe president obama is such a shallow person that he did not know that the very structure of his bill guaranteed that millions of americans would lose their insurance. >> van, what about that? if the president knew, why was he constantly saying, you know, if you like your insurance and doctor it won't change under the rules of the affordable care act, it will change because it doesn't meet the affordable care acts rules? >> well, first of all, you know, before we can even talk about what the president said or president didn't say, we want the president to be responsible but i think they have to be responsible and to drag out the corps of richard nixon and to start pointing to high crimes and misdemeanors from a president that left office in shame, that compared to a glitching website and over statements on the part of the president, there is no comparison and part of what is going on now is the atmosphere of partisanship in this town is so extreme and so severe we can't tell a difference between high crimes and misdemeanors and exaggerations on a glitch website. >> it goes beyond glit
country. he added, had president obama learned the lessons of massachusetts health care, millions of americans would not lose the insurance that they were prom i god that the i promd keep. millions more would not see premium sk skyrocket and the ing installation of the program would not be an em baze prayer . it has been a rough month for the president. you can now add bad approval rate togs that list. according to the new wall street journal nbc poll the president's joba previous has dropped to 42%, that is an all-time low. the poll found 51% of those surveyed say th*eu they disapprove of the president's performance in office. and only 22% think the u.s. is headed in the right direction. overall, democrats were viewed more favorably than republicans. the majority of those polled claim no a regions to either party. >>> congress and republicans didn't fair much better than the president. the survey shows that 63% of voters say they would replace their own members of congress and only 22% say they approve of the republican party. that's an all-time low for the gop. now to the contro
york city. >>> yesterday president barack obama defended his signature legislation despite millions of americans will be kicked off their current health plans. instead of an apology for campaigning on the promise that would not happen period, the president offered simple advice. go shopping for a new plan. >> so if you're getting one of these letters, just shop aroun
americans are not buying what president obama is trying to sell. i'm lou dobbs. lou: good evening for a second straight day the president trying to divert media attention from the obamacare disaster. the president focused on international trade, p
for the obama care website fiasco. secretary sebelius. >> let me say directly to these americans, you deserve better. i apologize. >> then her boss. >> there is no excuse for it. i take full responsibility for making sure it gets fixed asap. >> have you been online long? >> the president tried to get online and
for politicians on both sides of the spectrum. no one comes out unscathed. president obama's approval rating has sunk to an all-time low, just 42%. for the first time ever, more americans view him negatively than positively. the gop's positive rating has also dropped to its all-time low, 22%. their negative rating is tied for the highest ever. as for the larger american public, this halloween's trick or treat hall has more apples and boxes on razors than the full-size candy bars everyone loves. 70% say the nation is on the wrong track. half are convinced there's going to be another shutdown on january 15th. we start with the man who's not scared of the ghosts and goblins. nbc news senior political editor mark murray. mark, really fascinating poll. nearly half of the country does not identify with either party. they don't feel like they're being heard. 30% say they would prefer an independent or a third-party candidate for congress. that's more than wanted to vote for a republican. it's obviously early. and it's important to factor in the fact that we all have short attention spans. but how do yo
continues. winston churchill is honored and capitol hill. -- on capitol hill. obama has been defending one of his flagship policies, obamacare, supposed to extend health insurance to 15 million americans who didn't previously have it. it has been billed as the biggest shakeup the country has seen in 50 years. but it has been plagued with problems. boston., >> a warm welcome for president obama and what felt like a campaign stop, the commander-in- chief took on the role of provider in chief, selling the success of obamacare. >> today the affordable care act requires insurance companies to abide by some of the strongest consumer protections this country is ever known. a true patients bill of rights. [applause] hill, itck on capitol was the president's health secretary kathleen sebelius in the spotlight. she was forced to address americans frustrations with the website failures. >> you deserve better. i apologize. i am accountable to you for fixing these problems. >> but even as she spoke, those who try to log onto got a now familiar error message. republicans have used the pro
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